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Discover The World In Your Cup – Pacific Coffee Roasters Ltd

Not only do we serve amazing, locally sourced food, we also serve amazing, locally roasted coffee too! We searched for, and tried, many different roasters during our hunt for a new coffee source. After coming across Pacific Coffee Roasters, we knew they were our perfect match.

Based out of Chilliwack, PCR imports only the finest Certified Fair Trade organic coffee beans. For those that don’t know, Certified Fair Trade products ensure that farmers, and their communities, receive fair value for their products. This practice protects the environment, allowing the consumer to receive the best product possible.

Pacific Coffee Roasters are not only Certified Fair Trade, they are also a member of Specialty Coffee Association of America and a licensed vendor of Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee.

After having a taste testing session, and a lesson on coffee from PCR’s master roaster, we chose 3 beans to offer in our bistro. A simple drip, a decaf espresso and a bold espresso.

Fair Trade Certified Organic Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1 (medium/dark roast drip coffee) “This coffee comes from the Gayo Highlands region in Sumatra. This coffee is typical of Sumatran characteristics with good/full body, low acidity, very good aroma and spicy tones.”

Fair Trade Certified Organic Heritage Espresso (medium/dark roast espresso) “Our bold, aggressive espresso with a strong, dry edge. Rich aromatics captured in it’s beautiful brown crema, excellent for cappuccinos and lattes. A tasty shot with a heavy body.”

Fair Trade Certified Organic Swiss Water Process Decaf (medium roast espresso) “100% chemical free, all natural, 99.9% caffeine free coffee using the patented Swiss Water Process. These beans are gently roasted to bring out their special full flavour, float aroma, and mild acidity. This medium bodied coffee is the best decaf you will ever drink.”

We have had lots of positive feedback from our customers since switching our beans, and we are thrilled to be able to offer another sustainable product that our customers can enjoy. If you haven’t had the opportunity, come in to our bistro and give it a try! :)

Check out their website for products, tips and contact information!

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"Thank you SO SO SO much to you and your team! You really helped the event run smoothly, and both we and our parents thought you did a fantastic job! Your servers and bartenders also did a great job. And the food was absolutely fantastic - EVERYONE was saying it was the best wedding food they've had!"

Brynn & Brandon (Wedding Clients)

Everything was absolutely perfect. All of the minor details you took care of and had under control. Thank you so much for being soooo amazing. And thank you so much for the hug before I went down the aisle. I needed it!!! Thank you again so much you were amazing!!!! Also tell Paula and Chef Magavon that the catering was fantastic!!!

Taryne & Scott (Wedding Clients)

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